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Celebrating My Birthday!

April 23, 2020

Celebrating my birthday under quarantine has been really weird. The past two months has been very chaotic with the corona virus going around. I am just grateful to be healthy and alive on my special day. My family and friends spoiled me with gifts. It made my day to see all the wonderful messages. My hubby got me a breakfast burrito and coffee to start off the day. At night, he brought me to Ruen Pair which is my favorite Thai restaurant. We picked up a bunch of food to go. Then ending the night with desserts from Bhan Kanom Thai shop. They make fresh drinks and desserts everyday. Even though I didn't get to dine out like normal, it's good to have great people in my life we take care of me!

Happy Valentine's Day

February 14, 2020

Trader Joe's prepared for Valentine's Day early and put out all the flower arrangements outside. All the flowers were beautiful and fresh! It is always nice to stop and smell them. I bought a few arrangements and put them together in a vase at home. My hubby loves to receive flowers cause it makes him feel special. I love having flowers in the house, it gives our place life. This year, we decided to stay home and celebrate. I cooked a three course meal at home and my hubby loved it! It is great to relax and enjoy some quality time together.

Last day in Amsterdam

December 22, 2019

It is our last day being here in Amsterdam. We had to finish off trip with some more stops before we leave. I came across this cute cafe Blond Amsterdam. It is all pink and so girly with decorations. I tried their latte and it is good. They give you a nougat sample with coffee which is awesome! We walked towards the famous art museum Rijksmuseum in the city. The place is pretty big and there is a lot of different rooms with artwork. You can also have brunch which is nice for your break time. We saw Van Gogh and Rembrandt art paintings. It is nice to see famous work and experience it in person. After a lot of walking around, we went to grab lunch at The Pantry. This is a local place with authentic food in Amsterdam. The restaurant was packed and we were lucky to get a table. I tried their 3 item preset menu. It came with meat appetizers, beef goulash and dessert. My hubby ordered the steak and frites. The food is really good and feels like a homemade. It is hearty and makes you feel comfortable. This is a must try if you want authentic style food. We had a great time on our trip and now we have to go home. Until next time Europe!

Going to the Tour spots of Amsterdam

December 21, 2019

We woke up this morning and headed to the Tour bus stops. The first stop was Gassan Diamond Factory. Here they have been producing diamonds for so many years. The tour guide told us the history and how the diamonds are created into design. The jewelry pieces are beautiful but too bad it is expensive. My hubby got me these cute rose gold hoop earrings as a souvenir. I love them and it is great for every day wear.

The next stop was Albert Cuypmarkt which is their farmer's market. There is all kinds of food and things sold here which is cool. All the vendors were really nice and friendly. I had to get the famous Stroopwafels that are made fresh. It is a big waffle cookie with caramel filling. The cookie taste much better when it is hot! We tried a chicken sandwich which is good. It is different cause it is tender and not fried. I love dumplings so gotta try one plate out. It was fresh and tasty! Plus the vendor gave out free tea with purchase.

Last stop is the Heineken Experience tour at the brewery. This is a must if you are in Amsterdam. The building is huge and there is so many things to see. The tour guides show us how it is made and all the equipment in person. The best part is you get samples and get beer right there! It does taste different when you have it at the brewery versus bottle. We Say Proost!

Last stop to Amsterdam, Netherlands

December 20, 2019

Amsterdam is our last stop on our Europe trip. We are so glad to check in to the hotel and refresh ourselves. The hotel is right in the middle of everything in the city. We went to a local cafe to grab a coffee and a bite to eat. Caffe Costadoro has a bakery underneath which they bake all of their fresh pastries in store. The coffee and food here is so good! It is a nice neighborhood spot to chill at. We went to meet up a friend and walk around to see the sights. Amsterdam is a cute city with canals on every street. It comes alive at night and people go out. We stopped by a Vietnamese restauarant Pho Viet and got some authentic pho for dinner. It was good and you can see them make the food fresh in the kitchen. After eating, we needed to walk off the food. We walked around to look at all the shops in the area. They have a lot of cheese shops which is awesome. We love cheese! Then we passed by the red light district which is very interesting. You can shop here all day long. The buildings are all decorated the Christmas themes which is nice. We like our first night here so far.

Celebrating Christmas at Gendarmenmarkt Berlin

December 18, 2019

We started the morning with going to check out all the museums in Berlin and learn about the history of the areas. It is sad to see a lot memorial put up of all the people who passed away. It really makes you think and realize we have to cherish every minute we get here on earth. After doing a lot of walking, we went to check out the Gendarmenmarkt. It is a big Christmas market with all kinds of vendors. They sell food, drinks and souvenirs. My hubby and I tried a bunch of different food. I liked the baked macaroons in all flavors. The pistachio one is the best! The bread made with cheese, bacon and onions is good fresh from the oven. I like going to all these festive markets and trying out new foods.

City Weihnachtsmarkt in Berlin

December 17, 2019

It was a long day travel at the airport to get over to Berlin, Germany. We arrived at night and checked into our hotel. Then went to the Berlin market to get some food. We had to order the Bratwurst which is so good! It looks nice at night time with all the Christmas decorations. We will go see the sights tomorrow for sure.

Christmas events in Old Town Square

December 16, 2019

In Prague, everyone goes to Old Town Square for the Christmas events. The whole town is decorated and there is plenty of food vendors here. They have everything from sausages, potatoes and chimney cakes. I tried the chimney cake for the first time and it is pretty good! It is like a churro but more of a thicker taste. We saw this cute donkey and had to feed him. He is so friendly and awesome. I came across this man who weaves bags and blankets. You don't get to see craftsmen making things these days. I was so impress that I bought this handmade crossover bag. It is definitely unique and perfect for on the go. At night we decided to try this restaurant Zakladna near our hotel. They have beef of course and homemade dishes. It is a small and cozy spot to grab some food. The pilsner and the white wine is a must. We ordered a few plates like the fried cheese, chicken schnitzel and the beef soup. The fried cheese is good! The best is the chicken schnitzel. They know how to fry food with a light batter that isn't too heavy. Beer and fried food is the best!

Visit to Prague Castle

December 15, 2019

We used one whole day to travel over to Prague. Once we were well rested, we went to check out the Prague Castle. This castle is so big it has it's own area of the city. Everyone was walking to see this historic monument. While walking to the place, we got to see the sights and old historic buildings. It was cool to see more of a Medieval old city. They kept it old school which is awesome to see. When you get to the Castle entrance, you get to roam around to check out the sites. We both walked up this staircase inside the castle to get to the rooftop access. From the roof, you get the whole views of Prague which was amazing! After visiting the castle, we headed back towards our hotel. We went to grab lunch at Local which was next door. This is a brewery with authentic food. We got some pilsners to start off and ordered the Goulash. The Goulash is a hearty beef stew which comes with bread. Then for dessert we got the apple bread pudding. It is definitely comfort food to warm you up during the cold weather. It was a good lunch!

Last Day in Madrid, Spain

December 13, 2019

I woke up this morning and headed to Mision coffee shop for some caffeine fix. This place is a cool local shop near our hotel. They serve specialty coffee and breakfast. I got a small latte which hits the spot and warmed me up. It is a must stop if you are in the area. We went to Museo Del Prado to see some artwork. The museum is big and have different buildings connected. Afterwards, we headed back to the hotel for a nap. The Time zone difference really affected our sleeping habits. It was night time when we woke up and decided to get our last meal here in Spain. We tried out Taberna De La Reina restaurant. It is small and cozy with a lot of people here. The Sangria is so good! We ordered a few plates like the Calamari, spicy potatoes and the seafood paella. The food here is delicious and so good! We can't get this type of food at home. We really enjoyed our dinner and some time to relax. Madrid has been great and we really had a great time. Until next time!

Second night in Madrid, Spain

December 12, 2019

We were hungry and decided to check out the Mercado De San Miguel. It is a farmer's market place with plenty of different vendors inside. They had everything from drinks, food, desserts and products for sale. This place is so cool and you can get everything you need in one spot. We first tried the chorizo meat which is spicy and tender. This is meat sliced right in front of you. There is a cheese vendor with all types of different flavors. We ordered a small cheese plate with fruit and crackers. The cheese is so fresh and taste good! It definitely goes well with some Sangria and beer. The spicy eggplant empanada is pretty good. It is nice to get some veggie into my diet. My hubby and I have a sweet spot for desserts. He got the tiramisu and I got a flan. They both were really good and creamy. To end a good meal, we grabbed some coffee. If you come to Madrid, this is a must stop place to go. Wish we had a great farmer's market like this in California. Afterwards, we walked around to see the sights. At night it is so pretty with all the decorations and lights. We woke up in the middle of the night and went to San Gines for a treat. This place is famous for their fried churros and hot melted chocolate. It is different but still taste good.

First night in Madrid, Spain

December 11, 2019

After traveling by plane for more than 10 hours, we were glad to make it to the Dear Hotel in Madrid. We got there in the evening and checked into our hotel. We decided to walk around to check out the downtown area. The streets were decorated with lights and Christmas decor. It is fun and very busy with lots of people going out. They had a lot of Plays going on that week. The food that is everywhere is Jamon which is sliced pork. You can get it on a sandwich or by itself with beer. It is fresh and sliced right in front of you. We tried a Jamon sandwich and it is so good! It is pretty cheap and you can get one around $3 in USD. We were hungry so we stopped by this place called Vinitus. It is a Spanish tapas bar and restaurant. They serve fresh and organic tapa plates. We ordered a glass of wine and a few dishes. The wine is great with a nice butter finish. You don't get no after taste like other wines. The eggplant, clams and squid is delicious! The tapas here is awesome and on another level. Prices were a good deal for farm to table food. Not bad for our first night here!

Christmas Tree by the Beach

November 21, 2019

Manhattan Beach had their Christmas tree lighting event yesterday. All the locals get together and celebrate the holidays. It is nice to see the trees light up at night. I was able to get a picture of a tree the next day. Excited for the holidays coming up!

Wine Tasting In Temecula

November 17, 2019

This weekend we headed down to Temecula for some wine tasting. The weather was nice and sunny out here. It was cool and not too hot which is perfect. We went to Somerset to try out some wine. They have a great variety of white and red wines. The staff gave me a sample of their mojito and sangria mix that was delicious! It is a nice small and cozy place to enjoy some great wine.

We were feeling hungry and went next door to Frazeli. It is another vineyard that has wine that won a lot of awards. Plus, they serve food here which is awesome. After some wine tasting, we ordered a few plates to share. The food is really good and the portions are big enough to share. It's nice to sit on the patio and enjoy lunch outside. Today was nice to relax and enjoy some time at the vineyards.

Tech Event @ Capital Records

November 16, 2019

The hubby took me to his work event @ Capital Records today. It is cool to get an inside look of where they produce all the music. We got to go into the recording studio area where they had Frank Sinatra's microphone. Magic happens in this room! While we were waiting, we decided to walk around and check out the stars on the sidewalk. Got to take a picture with Katherine and Mariah! We played tourists for the day which is always fun.

Wedding Anniversary

October 19, 2019

Today is special cause I am celebrating a Wedding Anniversary with my Hubby! I have been with my husband for 9 years total, but married for 4 years. My hubby is so amazing and wonderful in every way! Every day I learn something new about him. He knows how to make me laugh all the time. He has been very supportive of everything that I do. I am truly lucky to find my soul mate and best friend! I cherish and enjoy every moment we spend together. My purpose in life is to make him happy and take care of him. I love you Blake Wolfson and proud to be your wife!

The Chicken Farm @ Manuela

October 13, 2019

The hubby and I decided to walk around the Arts District in downtown LA Today. We were looking at the places for sale and leasing. There is a lot more new restaurants in the area that opened up. The area is very trendy and hip with cool shops. There is a chicken farm and garden owned by Manuela Restaurant. It is cool to see chickens hanging out in the backyard. They also have a garden that they plant and grow their own veggies. We will have to check out the restaurant since everything is fresh and grown in their garden.

Pumpkin Patch!

September 30, 2019

It is officially Fall when you see Pumpkin patch farms opened. The hubby and I went to one close by to our house in Torrance. We like to check out the cute farm animals and feed them. It is fun to see everyone come out and pick out some pumpkins. We are ready for the Fall season!

Fishing in Long Beach

September 27, 2019

My hubby took me on a boat to go fishing in Long Beach. He got a good deal on Groupon and you go with a bunch of people. Everyone on the boat was very friendly and helpful. It is nice to go out to the water and enjoy nature. My hubby caught some fish and it was fun!

Hanging out in Venice

September 18, 2019

Today is our day off from work so we went to Venice and hanged out. Finally tried the Deus Ex Machina shop. It is a motorcycle, art gallery, clothing and coffee store. They have a backyard patio which is nice to chill. They have really cool stuff for men. My hubby really likes the clothes and accessories. We ordered a chai tea latte and an iced cold brew. The coffee is here is good! The atmosphere is trendy and cool to work on your computer. We will come back and shop!

For fun, we took pictures in front of the murals in Abbot Kinney. Felt like a tourist for the day. After walking around we were hungry. I yelped Sonoritas Prime Tacos in Sawtelle blvd. They got high reviews so we went to check them out. It is a small and cozy casual spot. They have everything from tacos, burritos, soups, salads and desserts. I ordered a Pistachio Horchata latte which is delicious! It is creamy and has a sweet nutty flavor. For lunch, I ordered carne asada burritos. It comes with free chips and salsa made fresh. The burrito is so good and filled with guacamole. The prices are great and the service is awesome. We will come back to try other items.

First Rodeo @ Los Olivos

September 14, 2019

The hubby and I decided to head down to Solvang area for some time to relax. This weekend they were having a bunch of Rodeo shows in Los Olivos. We never been to one and waited till 2pm to go see one. We stopped by Los Olivos Wine Merchant cafe for some lunch. We had a flight of wine and shared a pizza. The wine was ok and the pizza was good. Then we went to Pony Espresso for some caffeine fix. The coffee shop is decorated like a horse stable which is cool. They make a great iced vanilla latte. The weather was so hot we hanged out here for a while for the air conditioner. It was time to go to Jacobsen Dairy Equine Center for the Rodeo. Everyone here brought their horse and decked out in cowboy attire. It is so cool to see people out their riding their horse. Each person had time to lasso a cow while riding on the horse. It is a family fun event. It is very interesting and great to see people having a great time!

A night of magic @ The Magic Castle

August 29, 2019

The hubby received an invitation for us to attend an event at the Magic Castle. It is an exclusive place where you have to be invited. The Magic Castle is historic and you have to dress up. It is fun to go out for a night of magic shows by the top magicians. We clean up well and it was a great night out in Hollywood!

Hermosa Beach Summer Concert

August 18, 2019

Hermosa has their summer concert series every year around the month of August. They have cool bands and musician acts come out to perform. It is so fun listening to music by the pier. The sponsors come out and give out freebies during the event. A lot of people come out to have a great time. They do an awesome job with the event every year.

Manhattan Beach Open

August 16, 2019

The Manhattan Beach Open is this weekend which is my favorite event. I like watching the volleyball tournament in person and being outside by the beach. It is cool when the vendors come and give out freebies all day. I had a great time and it was a nice day to relax.

Unique Market @ Santa Monica Barker Hangar

August 10, 2019

Unique Market was held at the Santa Monica Barker Hangar for the Summer event. It was cool to hangout in the Airplane airport. They had all the vendors and sponsors come out to celebrate a summer weekend. The hubby and I got to try out free drinks and Jeni's ice cream which was awesome! They had a diy craft area to make keychains. I bought a cool yoga bag from Save the Rain booth. It is nice cause they are custom and handmade by the people of the organization. We had a good time relaxing and did some shopping here. Can't wait to check out their holiday market coming soon!

Vans US Open Huntington Beach

August 2, 2019

Huntington Beach hosted the Vans US Open of Surfing this weekend. The place was so packed and busy. It's cool watching the surfers and the skaters doing their thing. They had a big Vans store to sell skateboards, clothing, shoes and accessories. I picked up some free Vans goodies and got a cooler perfect for lunch. Then went to Ripcurl and purchased cool 70s style clothing. Had so much fun hanging out by the beach with the hubby and checking out the event.

Hermosa Beach AVP Volleyball

July 27, 2019

Hermosa Beach held the AVP Volleyball Tournament this weekend. I love to go watch the volleyball matches by the beach! During the week, I pretty much catched up on the Women's teams. The Women were rocking the courts and were really good! I picked up some free goodies from all the sponsors during the games. Looking forward the when they come to Manhattan Beach area.

Road Trip to Mammoth Lakes

July 13, 2019

The hubby and I went down to Mammoth Lakes for a road trip this weekend. We wanted to get away for some fun and relax in the mountains. There was still snow up here since we had a lot of rain this year. It is so beautiful and peaceful by Lake Mary. It's nice to appreciate some quality time in nature. We did some hiking trails around the lakes in the area.

After hiking, we got hungry and headed to Mammoth Brewing Company. They got a great selection of fresh brewed beers. We tried out the Yosemite Pale Ale which is smooth. For food we ordered a burger, potato tots and a peach cobbler. The potato tots are so good and goes great with beer! The burger is cooked right and so tender. The peach cobbler is refreshing. They make great food and the beer is awesome!

We went to our cabin and took a nap since we were out all day. I wanted a pick me up so I yelped Black Velvet coffee. It was literally down a few streets from our place. I ordered a Horchata latte and a chocolate coconut bar. The latte is so good and the coffee taste strong. They make good coffee and it is cool to see their set up of how coffee is brewed. It was a nice and relaxing trip but we had to head home. Until next time Mammoth Lakes.

Road Trip to Santa Ynez/Los Olivos

May 25, 2019

The hubby and I headed down to Santa Ynez for some wine tasting. It is the perfect weather to chill outside. We got a glass of wine and enjoyed some cheese plate at Sunstone Vineyards. Since we are close, we stopped by Los Olivos area. It is a cute town full of restaurants and vineyards. The atmosphere feels like home and everyone in the neighborhood is so friendly.

We decided to try out a new vineyard at Waylan Wine Co. It is the newest addition opened and owned by a family. The service was amazing and the wines here are really good! After having two wine tastings, we started to get hungry. We found the bear and star restaurant down the street. The place has great reviews so we went in for dinner. The menu is farm to table, everything is organic and fresh. We ordered the chili, burger and cornbread. The chili is delicious and full of spicy flavors. It taste great with the cornbread. The burger is tender and so good. We had such a great day out and enjoyed some quality time together.

Birthday Dinner @ Manhattan Beach Post

April 23, 2019

The Hubby took me out for a birthday dinner at Manhattan Beach Post. It is a Farm to Table restaurant with David LeFevre as Chef/Co-owner. The interior is really rustic and relaxed environment. After work, you can come here for good drinks and food. I ordered the Avila's Heir, it is a spicy margarita with orange yuzu flavors. It has a kick to it and taste good. My hubby chose a red glass of wine to enjoy. We saw other tables with a Charcuterie boards and ordered the Chef's board special. We felt like the board didn't have much meat and too much bread. It was small and not what we expected. The board is good but we like the traditional Charcuterie plates instead. The bacon cheddar biscuits are really good with the butter. It is big portions and we liked that it is hot right from the oven. For entree, we just got the Chicken pot pie to split. The outside crust is good but the inside filling was ok. The food was just ok but I enjoyed my hubby's company more. Today was a great day of relaxing and spending time celebrating a special moment.

Birthday Rewards

April 23, 2019

Today is my Birthday and I decided to pickup some goodies. Sugarfina gifted me a three piece bento box and I got to choose the candies. I like their packaging is so cute and the candies taste good! If you are a Beauty Insider with Sephora, you get a birthday gift for free. I chose the Drunk Elephant cleanser set to try out. Madewell sent a $25 gift voucher for any purchase in store. I went in to pick out a striped T-shirt and hair tie. The T-shirt is nice and soft! At Sprinkles, I picked up a free birthday cupcake and got a Lemon one. If you are signed up to Ulta beauty reward member, they give you a Tarteist lip paint as a birthday gift. It was awesome to treat myself with all these cool stuff and enjoy the day!

Brunch @ The Chateau Marmont

April 13, 2019

The Chateau Marmont is a hotel located in Los Angeles and is an historic landmark. It was built in 1929 featuring Old Hollywood glam throughout the grounds. My hubby wants to visit here for a long time. Today, he woke me up and took me there for brunch. We were sat in the patio with the garden views. It is so nice and sunny outdoors. Of course, I started out with a Frose drink to relax. For food we had the BLT and a burger plate. The burger is good, but the BLT is so good! I like the avocado and the dressing in the sandwich. It is nice to treat ourselves with brunch at a beautiful garden atmosphere. When I went to the bathroom, the decor is really nice. The bar areas are so cool with that 1920s look. We had a great time for brunch here!

Facial & Massage @ Elegance Spa

March 8, 2019

My hubby gave me a gift card to Elegance Spa in Manhattan beach for Valentine's Day. I have been hinting that I needed a massage bad. I have been really tense in my upper body and lower back. He is so wonderful and got a gift card for a facial & massage package. I made an appointment for a glow facial for one hour. I liked that the lady April helped to address my skin concerns and gave some recommendations. She made my skin clean and it felt more soft after the facial. Then I received an hour swedish massage by Donica. She is good at getting my stress knots out and made my body feel more loose. I had a great experience here and the staff was amazing. It is nice that I can use their shower after and get a hot tea by the fireplace. I recommend coming here to reward yourself!

Valentine's Day

February 14, 2019

It's a special event today which is Valentine's Day! My hubby and I exchanged our gifts which includes candies, flowers and spa gift cards. I always love this day to show my hubby how much I care. He takes good care of me and showers me with amazing gifts. He knows exactly how to put a smile on my face. My hubby is my true soul mate and I am one lucky gal! Hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine's Day with the one they love.

Road trip to Solvang New Year's Day

January 1, 2019

My hubby woke up this morning and wanted to go to Solvang. So off we go to our many adventures! We got dressed and drove down to Solvang area. The place was packed with a lot of people who celebrated New Year's Day. Of course we had to stop by a bakery to get some pastries. We went to Mortensen's bakery for some sweets! They have all kinds of danishes with almond crust. We ordered two lattes, a raspberry and custard danish. The danishes area delicious and so good! Dutch people know how to bake. The fresh jam, almond, glaze and crust is so edible.

Since it is New Year's Day, most of the vineyards were closed for the holiday. We we're lucky to find Rideau Vineyards was open. It is a cute vineyard in a cozy home atmosphere. Their grounds is so big and you can throw private events in the banquet rooms. It feels nice to ring in the New Year with our first wine tasting. The white wines are good and they are known for their red wines. During the wine tasting, we got a cheese plate to snack on.

After drinking wine, we got hungry and headed to Copenhagen Sausage Garden. People are here to watch the games and grab a bite to eat. It is casual and you can have dogs in the patio. I got the currywurst sausage and basket of fries. The sausages are full of flavor and taste great with the toppings. Not a bad way to chill.

The reason why we drove so far is to feed the ostrich! My hubby loves feeding these big birds. It is Ostrich Land in Solvang near the freeway entrance. The owner has ostrich, emu, rabbits and chickens here. You pay $5 to come in and $1 to feed them with food. These Ostrich are very strong and feisty. It is best to be careful of your hands while feeding time. It is cool to feed these crazy birds in the middle of no where. A great first day of the year of 2019!

New Year's Eve @ Shade Hotel

December 31, 2018

The hubby took me to Midnight in Macau event at the Shade Hotel in Manhattan Beach. We came out and dressed up to ring in the new year. They did a good job decorating the place and had a casino night. Everyone came to eat and drink waiting for the countdown. They even had a dragon dance to wish good luck to everyone which is cool. Happy New Year and hope the new year brings happiness to all!

Part 2 of Paso Robles

December 22, 2018

This is part 2 of yesterday of Paso Robles. We went to Dilecta vineyard after Tooth & Nail. Dilecta is a place you can book a night in their hotel. It is small and makes you feel like at home. The owner has dogs on the fields which is cool. The dogs love playing fetch all day! The tasting room has art and decor inside that is cute. The wines here are pretty good. I liked the red wines here more. It is nice to sit in their patio and over look the views. I would come back and bring a basket of food for a picnic.

Today is our last day for the trip. We had to go to Pasolivo farm for the olive oils. The people grow and produce all kinds of olive oils, vinegar and seasonings. It is fun trying different flavored olive oils with bread. The lady was cool teaching us what pair well with each kind of seasoning. After trying so many flavors we bought the Classic, Rosemary and the grapefruit lotion. They last for 2 years which is well worth it. We had an amazing time as always, until next time Paso Robles.

Second day of Paso Robles

December 22, 2018

We woke up early and went to go grab some coffee. I yelped a place called Spearhead Coffee. I ordered the vanilla latte and it is good with the cold weather. My hubby wanted some mexican food so we found Habaneros next door. It is a small restaurant and the lady working there is awesome. They gave us free chips and salsa to start. The meatball soup is good comfort food! I got the Burrito with carne asada and my hubby ordered the Chile Relleno & Tamale combo. The Chile Relleno is the best thing here! The burrito is ok and good. This is a place to go when you want some good authentic Mexican food.

After lunch, we went to go check out Tooth & Nail Vineyard. I got a free wine tasting coupon in the Paso robles wine events magazine. It is a big castle with a bridge and water. The decor is very dark and there is paintings throughout the place. It feels like being on a set for a horror movie. The white wines are pretty good! The reds are ok but that what they are known for more. It was interesting exploring the premises and getting to checkout the cool art work.

Christmas road trip to Paso Robles

December 21, 2018

My hubby booked us a trip to Paso Robles for our Christmas celebration. We finally got there and checked into our hotel first. Then it was time to go get some wine tastings. We went to Hug Cellars which my hubby chose. It is a small and cozy vineyard. The wine consultant is friendly and helped us figure out the best wines there. I really enjoyed the white wines! It is very smooth and crisp with a little sweet flavor. The Reserve library red wines is what they are known for and popular. We had a good flight of whites and red wines. I would come back and try other wines next time.

We headed next door to Brochelle vineyards since it is close. The lady is very nice and served us a flight of wines. They are known more for their red wines like Syrah. I liked the Estate Syrah red wine. It didn't have an after taste and had bold flavors. The place is cozy like you are visiting someone's house with the decor. I do like the chandelier is made out of wine glasses which is cool! After having two wine tastings today, we headed out for dinner.

Our favorite restaurant to visit is Catch. They feature the best seafood cuisine in downtown Paso Robles. They also carry a wide variety of wines from all the vineyards in the area. Our chef smiled for the camera which is awesome! For appetizers, we started off with Escargot and pan fried calamari. The Escargot is good with herbs and olive oil. The pan fried calamari is lightly battered and so crispy. It is so good! My hubby ordered the Chicken alfredo and I got the Cioppino. The Cioppino is a seafood stew that is delicious and taste good when you dip bread in the sauce. This place is a great restaurant to dine in and enjoy the fresh seafood.

Echo Park Craft Fair

December 8, 2018

My hubby and I went to the Mack Sennett Studios in Silver Lake for the Echo Park Craft Fair. I never been to this market festival so we decided to go check it out. There are over 100 vendors in the studios. It is cool that there is seperate areas for different types of products. The people that come here are very indie and stylish! The vendors here have nice products but it is more expensive than the Unique market. It is still fun to go hangout and see what they have to offer.

Unique Holiday Market

December 2, 2018

The Unique Holiday Market was held at the California Market Center in LA. They have over 120 plus vendors selling all kinds of items from jewelry, makeup, food, decor and clothing. It is great to support the small and local vendors. Some of the booths have great products that are perfect for Christmas gifts. I picked up a Rose stone facial roller from Honey belle. Then got a good deal two earrings for $45 at JaxKelly jewelry. While shopping, there are food vendors to supply people with drinks and snacks. I enjoy going to these market festivals and hope they continue to have it more often!

Los Angeles Auto Show

December 2, 2018

My hubby and I like to go checkout the Los Angeles Auto show every year. It is a great chance to see the new cars in person. My favorite cars are the Jeeps, Corvette and the Volkswagen RV. The cars that I like are out of my budget when it is fully loade. It is ok to window shop and admire them. Can't wait till we have cars that drive by itself and we don't have to do much work!

Hermosa Beach Tree Lighting

December 1, 2018

Hermosa beach is having their annual tree lighting festival today. They were setting up for the event in the early hours. It is nice to see such a beautiful Christmas tree by the beach! It is perfect and brings everyone such great joy. I am ready for the holiday season.

Manhattan Beach Tree Lighting

November 14, 2018

Manhattan Beach hosted their annual Tree lighting festival tonight. My hubby and I like going to the Christmas events. A lot of people came out to check the deals going on at the shops in the area. Each vendor had free food and drinks. They had live music which is cool! The Mayor came out and started the countdown. The Pier is beautiful at night with all the lights!

The Americana Christmas Tree Lighting

November 12, 2018

This week at The Americana is having their annual Tree lighting event. I got to see the decorations put up first and the staff getting everything ready. The Santa's house is up for the family photos. I love Christmas season and seeing the Christmas tree decorated. It's starting to feel like the holdiays now!

Anniversary @ Malibu Wine Safari

October 18, 2018

Today is very special cause my hubby and I are celebrating our 8 years anniversary. We got married 3 years ago at an amazing venue. During these past years we really learned a lot about each other. We supported each other through the bad and good times. Took care of one another and been very grateful. I love my hubby Blake and he is everything I ever wanted. We decided to celebrate by spending the day at the Malibu Wine Safari. We got the Giraffe tour around 11:30am. The grounds is so big and beautiful! It is always fun to feed the animals and see them at peace. During the tour they provide a wine tasting and snacks. We got to feed Stanley the giraffe which is the most awesome experience. This place is great to celebrate special moments and to be outside enjoying the beautiful views.

Fishing with a Sunset

October 7, 2018

The hubby decided to go outside and do some fishing by Redondo beach. We grab our fishing equipment and went on the rocks by the wall. The weather was perfect and cool. Sometimes we forget to just sit still and enjoy the beauty of nature. It was so nice to sit down and see the sunset while fishing. My hubby and I really enjoyed some quality time outside.

Venice Market Festival

September 30, 2018

Venice had a market festival featuring hundreds of vendors selling all kinds of things. You can come and grab a drink in the Beer gardens. Each store in the area had a sale going on for great deals. The place is so packed full of people. It is fun to check out each booth and all the crafts the people are selling. We got hungry so we decided to grab some lunch. Apparently La Tostaderia from Grand Central Market opened up another location here. We had to go here and get some great food. We got the sampler plate and a spicy shrimp ceviche. The food is always delicious here! My hubby and I bought some cute throws for the couch. It was a good day hanging out in Venice.

Smashing Pumpkins Concert

August 30, 2018

My hubby is a big fan of the Smashing Pumpkins so I got him tickets to go see them live. It was held at the Forum in Inglewood. The show was sold out and so packed full of people. They still sound good live and it was cool experience.

Manhattan Beach Open

August 16, 2018

I am so glad to have the day off and took my scooter down to Manhattan beach. The first day of the Manhattan Beach Open is today. All the teams were out on the volleyball courts. They are trying to win a game in order to advance for tomorrow tournament. It is fun watching beach volleyball in person. And it is not bad hanging out and enjoying the views!

Hermosa Beach Summer Concert

August 5, 2018

During the month of August, Hermosa beach has a summer beach concert every sunday. It is nice to listen to music and chill by the beach. They have sponsors come out and give out free samples. If you are in the area, this is a must to do by the beach.

Morning Yoga @ Athleta

August 5, 2018

Athleta is a store dedicated to women and providing them athletic wear. Whether you are running, doing yoga or hiking they have everything you need. At the point in El Segundo, their store has free yoga every sunday from 10-11am. It is awesome to attend and meet new people. The instructors here are great and teach you different levels. I look forward to attending more classes here.

#MB6Man Event

August 4, 2018

Manhattan beach had their MB6man volleyball tournament for locals to play. You have to sign up with 6 members in a team to qualify. It is for all ages and levels. It is cool that they give people the opportunity to join in on the volleyball scene. There were a bunch of sponsors out and giving out free samples. The best part is the teams get to dress up in their own outfits. Everyone had a lot of fun playing and supporting others.

AVP Hermosa Beach Open

July 29, 2018

This weekend is the Hermosa Beach Open where the public can come see the games. The volleyball players have been doing a lot of practice to get ready. I like going to watch the volleyball games and being outside. The sponsors come and give out free samples to cool down the crowd. It gets pretty busy and crowded here. It is best to come a little early to grab some good seats.

Celebrating Hubby's birthday @ Fonz's Restaurant

July 21, 2018

Today is special cause it is my hubby's birthday! He looks incredible and always handsome to me. We celebrated his birthday at Fonz's restaurant in Manhattan beach. It was nice to sit in the patio and people watch. They served us some fresh hot rolls to start. I ordered a Loft salad with chicken. My hubby got the Izzy's Pasta. The salad was light and the dressing is great. The Izzy's Pasta is delicious! The pasta had a lot of flavor and the ingredients make it better. Our waitress was wonderful and brought a birthday dessert to sing for my hubby. We had an awesome time and my hubby is amazing!

Last day in New York City

June 25, 2018

Today is our last day in New York. We decided to hit up some spots before we leave. For lunch, we tried Souvlaki GR restaurant next to our hotel. The decor makes you feel like you are in Greece. I started off with a Frappe, which is good. They know how to make a great cup of coffee! For food, we ordered the hummus appetizer, Greek fries and a steak pita wrap. The hummus and pita is so fresh. The Greek fries are so good! The steak pita sandwich is delicious. The Greek food is authentic and awesome here.

After lunch, we headed towards the Empire State building tour. We wanted to check out the most famous building in New York. It is so cool to see the layout and prints of how it was built. You get to go to the rooftop and get an amazing views of all the New York areas. The weather was perfect and the sun made it nice outside. It is a must thing to do if you come down here. We have plans meeting some friends for drinks. We went to Lower East side neighborhood and stopped by a coffee shop. Little Canal is a hip place to grab some coffee and enjoy the views from their big windows. The barista here is friendly and made a good cup of cappuccino!

Our friend met up with us at Bar Belly, a cozy little bar that features oysters & cocktails. They serve free popcorn to start which is good. It is happy hour, they have $1 oyster deal so we ordered a dozen. I had the mojito cocktail which is perfect with an oyster. It is a cool place to catch up with friends.

Across the street, we all decided to try The Fat Radish. It is a British farm to table type of cuisine. The decor is rustic and very trendy! We ordered some wine to start and ordered a few plates to share. For food we got the Confit baby artichokes, cheese plate of the day, Scotch eggs, duck fat chips and the Fat Radish plate. The duck fat chips are delicious! It is crunchy and seasoned well. The Scotch eggs are good and different. The artichokes taste good with peas and cheese. The Fat Radish plate has a lot of fresh veggies and the sauce makes it perfect together. We had a great time and the dinner was great. Our last stop was at Taiyaki NYC. It is a small shop that specialize in fish pastry with ice cream. It is so cute and fun to eat the desserts! Today was productive and we did everything we wanted to do. Going home to California, see you next time NYC!

Attending a Cousin's Wedding in NYC

June 24, 2018

Today, we woke up and headed down to my Grandma's house in Astoria. We went to Brooklyn Bagel for some lunch. This place is a casual spot to pick up coffee and a bagel. I ordered a lox smear on a sesame bagel. The bagels in New York is so much better! It is so soft and fluffy inside. The cream cheese are made fresh everyday. We love getting bagels over here. We were picked up by bus to go to the wedding banquet place. It was held at Chateau Briand and it has a 1920's theme inside. It is a beautiful venue and has lots of different rooms. We had a good time spending with the family and visiting all of the people. My cousin looked beautiful in her gown. Glad to see they are happy and in love!

Hanging out in NYC

June 23, 2018

Woke up this morning and headed to Gregorys Coffee. I ordered a Chai latte. They know how to make a good Chai here! It helped me to get the day started. We walked around the New York Stock Exchange to see the famous bull. Everyone was taking pictures and it was so crowded. We stopped by the Federal Hall where George Washington held his events. It was amazing to see inside the rooms and the high ceilings. While checking the sights, we went to grab some lunch at Neapolitan Express. It is a small pizza shop next to all the buildings. We ordered the Magherita pizza. The pizza here is pretty good. I like how the crust is soft and the ingredients are fresh. As we were in the area, we saw the Freedom Towers. They have a memorial for all the people that passed away on 9/11. It is a different feeling being there in person. I had to stop by my Grandma's house for dinner with the family. I went to the Grand in Astoria to pick up my favorite Frappe drink. It still taste good! We were able to accomplish a lot of things in one day which is not bad.

First Night in NYC Trip

June 22, 2018

The hubby and I flew over to New York City to attend my cousin's wedding. Our first night we got in around 10pm and checked into the Viceroy hotel. It is in Times Square area and full of things to do. Our hotel room is small and cozy. The bathroom is nice and clean. The bed is very comfortable. The space is very small so you have to put all the stuff in one area. We we're hungry so we decided to see what's open around our hotel. While walking we stumble upon Trattoria Dell'Arte. The host was so cool and offered us a free glass of champagne while we dined in! We ordered the meatballs for appetizers. It was ok, a little salty for me. I ordered the chicken pepperoni parmigiana. It was prepared different like a pizza pie. It is delicious and so moist! They do know how to make chicken here. My hubby ordered the tordelli bolognese. It was also good! We ordered the tiramisu for dessert and topped the meal. New york has good italian and the service is amazing! Not bad for the first night here.

Walking @ Terranea Resort

June 18, 2018

The Terranea Resort is located in Rancho Palos Verdes. This is a vacation and events spot. They have a lot of things to do here like Golf, hiking, swimming and dinning. The grounds are huge and it is great to walk around enjoying the sights. We stopped by the Lounge upstairs and grabbed some drinks. The bartenders know how to mix some good drinks! I like to go to the Coffee shop and get some dessert. We got a Chai latte and Tiramisu cup. It is delicious! My hubby and I still like coming up here to see the sunset.

Moving to our New Apartment

May 25, 2018

My hubby and I moved to Glendale cause of new jobs. Once we went on a beach vacation, we realized how much we missed the beach atmosphere. We were able to move back to our apartment building in Redondo beach. This time we got a bigger spot with amazing views of the harbor. We went to pick up our keys to the place today. To celebrate, we headed to Dia de Campo in Hermosa beach. They have a great happy hour and food is good. I ordered the Classico Margarita with blueberry flavor. It tasted great and not to strong. For food we ordered the brussel sprouts nachos, ceviche and fish tacos. The nachos is the best thing here! The chips are seasoned and made fresh. The brussel sprouts makes it different but gave it a nice texture. We always come back for more. Looking forward to moving in this weekend!

Unique Market LA 10 Years

May 13, 2018

Unique Markets has been opened for 10 years. It is a pop-up marketplace for vendors to sell their handmade one of a kind products. I like supporting local vendors and checking out new stuff. You can buy almost anything here. From jewelry, clothes, furniture, bags, beauty, makeup and food. While shopping, the companies supporting the event gives out free drinks. There's a lot of cool stuff and great gift ideas to purchase. I liked this bamboo purse from Pamela V. booth. She was very friendly and showed me the latest purse trends. I got a great deal on my purse and can't wait to use it! I hope Unique Market continues to have more events and looking forward to seeing new vendors.

Walking by Redondo Beach Pier

May 5, 2018

My hubby and I drove down to Redondo beach to see if we can fit our furniture in the new apartment. We were able to measure the complex and our stuff should fit. We walked by the Redondo beach to chill and check out the views. It's nice to walk around the Pier and admire nature at it's finest. There was a lot of people fishing. Each person was able to catch a bunch of fish. During the spring/summer, the pelicans come back and chill by Redondo beach Pier. They are big and so cute! People like to take pictures of them and watch them walk. These birds wait for the fishermen to give them their fish. Sometimes they take a break and relax. The sunset is so beautiful by the water and it's nice to enjoy it. We were getting hungry so we headed to Joey's BBQ restaurant in Torrance. The place is a causal sit down and the food is good. We got our usual sliders meal with three different sandwiches and a side. It cost around $10 which is awesome! The food still taste great and the service is good. I can't wait to move by to Southbay soon!

Birthday Freebies

May 1, 2018

This year for my birthday, I received some freebies! If you sign up to newsletters for food such as Jamba Juice, Baja fresh, Sugarfina, Baskin Robbins, Pinkberry and more. I'm a beauty insider at Sephora so you get a free birthday gift. I chose the Glamglow set. As a Anthropologie member, you get sent a birthday card with a 15% off coupon. Helzberg sent me a free pearl necklace offer. It's fun to receive great stuff for free on your birthday!

A Galaxy Fitness Session

April 29, 2018

The Samsung studio at The Americana had a Galaxy fitness session with Fierce Lotus. Samsung wanted to show the attendees how to use the Samsung Gear S2 watch works. You can monitor your heart rate while working out. The two ladies Heidi and Lisa showed us an action packed workout. It consist of Yoga and action hero strength sets. I gotta say, the class was pretty tough to keep up. My legs are sore from doing squats! It's nice to checkout different workout classes and see how the fitness gear works.

Surf Fest in Hermosa Beach

April 28, 2018

Hermosa Beach throws their annual Surf Festival today. There are all kinds of Surf vendors, music and food booths. These vendors give out free swag when you wait in line and play their games. It's fun to be by the beach and the weather was great. I liked that Spyder gave out free make your own scrubs. It smells good and great for the shower! Hippy Tree is cool with their teepee. One of the lady gave me a free campfire tattoo. My hubby and I got some cool free swag and had fun!

Birthday Dinner with Family @ Next Republic Kitchen

April 25, 2018

The family celebrates my brother and I birthdays together. We are like a few days apart. My sister recommended we try this new Asian fusion restaurant Next Republic Kitchen. They have all kinds of food here from appetizers, burgers, fish and steaks. The decor is very modern and industrial. It's a nice place to go out and enjoy dinner. I ordered the Beauty and the East lychee cocktail. It is a sweet and pretty looking drink! I liked the wild & free sign so I took pictures with my nieces. When our family get together, we order a lot of food and share.

My brother got the strawberry mojito which is refreshing. The fried calamari and crispy rice tuna is ok. My sister liked the ramen burger with seasoned fries. My niece was all about the shrimp pan fried noodles. I ordered the pork belly buns and a seared albacore salad. The pork belly buns are delicious! The bun is soft and the pork is very tender. The seared salad was ok, I wanted a small plate but it came out to a big bowl. The family surprised my bro and I with a birthday cake. Our nieces helped us make a wish. Overall, the drinks are good and the food is ok. It's a good spot for happy hour deals!

My Birthday Celebration!

April 23, 2018

Today is a special cause it is my birthday! My hubby gave me his card to go get a massage. I went to get a deep combo thai massage at Surin Day spa in Los Feliz. The massage therapist here always do a great job and I feel so much better afterwards. I just relaxed during the morning. I went to buy some stuff and came home. Since I had time, I went to get a haircut and change up my look. My hair came out great and I felt amazing! As soon as I got home, my hubby surprised me with beautiful roses and cakes! He's so thoughtful and wonderful. He made my day great and pampered me. I'm one lucky gal to have him.

We went to Same Same Thai restaurant in Silver Lake. I told my hubby I just wanted to get something small and chill. We were lucky to find parking and got a table right away. I like the decor, it's very modern with an Asian themed which makes it so cool. They have happy hour for drinks and food from 5-7pm. They have small plates for around $5 and you can try many different items. I ordered a glass of Rose, papaya salad and beef jerky to try first. The papaya salad is delicious! It was spicy but so good. The beef jerky is so tender and full of flavor. For entree, we ordered the Tom yum chicken soup and the Spinach noodles with BBQ pork. The soup is good, but the spinach noodles is fantastic! The noodles are fresh and the pork meat is seasoned well. For dessert is the mango with sticky rice. My hubby likes the dessert. The coconut milk makes the whole thing sweet and perfect. We really enjoyed our dinner and will come back to try new dishes! I had an awesome day full of goodies and best of all my hubby is the best!

Sunday in Manhattan Beach

April 22, 2018

This whole weekend my hubby and I just wanted to chill by the beaches. Yesterday we went to Hungtington beach. Today we decided to go check out house rentals in the Southbay. We headed down to Manhattan beach first. The weather was perfect and the sun is shining bright. There was a lot of people here relaxing and hitting the water. I wore my comfortable jumpsuit and used the straw bag I bought from Amazon. I think I'm just a beach girl than the city. I can't get enough of the views and the amazing weather you get here in California. My hubby looks good in his new summer clothes! He is totally a beach boy. For lunch, we ate at our spot Old Venice. It's a cute meditterranian restaurant located by the pier. We ordered a chicken gyro and it was good! Had a light lunch and then we went to go look at different rentals in the area. We still love South bay!

Hanging out @ Huntington Beach

April 21, 2018

The hubby and I decided to drive down to Huntington beach to chill. While we were walking on the pier, they were having a Surf festival. A few vendors came out to showcase their products. The guy at Rxbar was cool and gave out free protein bars to try out. I got three different flavors. I like eating protein bars when I don't have time to eat a meal. My hubby got to test a Boosted skateboard that is electric. You can steer and ride it through a remote control. Huntington beach is still a cool place to do outdoor activities. We went to Bear Flag Fish Co. at the Pacific City mall for lunch. It is a fish market and restaurant in one. You can get a beer and order a fish plate. I ordered a half pound of fresh Poke and a small clam chowder. The Poke is so delicious! It was seasoned well and the fish was fresh of the harbor. The clam chowder was good with clams and potatoes. They give you free chips with your meal which is awesome. I will definitely come back and try new stuff. On the way to our car, I stopped by and got some ice cream @ Icecreamton. The heaven berry is good! We had an awesome day by the beach today.

Comedy Show @ Groundlings

April 20, 2018

Groundlings is a theater in Melrose that features comedy sketch shows. Tickets are $20 per person and the shows runs around 2 hours. This place is where people practice their sketches and become famous comedians. It's a cool spot to take a date out and enjoy some good humor! Each show is a different theme and there are different actors each time. We went to catch the Groundlings Royal wedding show after eating at Carlito's Gardel. It was a fun show and we always have a great time!

Capital One Trolley Dine Around Event

April 19, 2018

Capital One held their Trolley dine around event tonight at The Americana. The way you get invited is if you are a Caruso reward member, resident or Capital One card member. We were lucky to get on the guest list through their email newsletter. How it works is they take us on a tour of the four restaurants at The Americana by the trolley train. While we waited for the event to start, they offered guests champagne and snacks.

Ombra is the first stop, it's an outdoor bar with a garden view. They have good italian food and drinks. I tried the Rose wine, meatball, meats, olives and bread. It's nice to enjoy some appetizers with the patio seating. The second stop is Katsuya, they feature sushi and Japanese cuisine. The decor inside is very sleek and sophisticated. I tried the cosmo cocktail and some sushi rolls. The food is pretty good! The second floor has the patio area where you can see the view of the shops. It's a good place to grab a bite to eat and relax.

The third stop is Bar Verde, it is located on the third floor in Nordstrom. They feature farm to table style food. The patio overlooks the shopping area. I tried the drinks Rose and a mint cucumber cocktail. The cocktail is refreshing and taste good. We were served chicken sliders, skirt steak and salmon. The skirt steak is the best out of the three. It is so tender and the sauce is delicious. I would come back and order the steak. The last stop is Frida mexican restaurant. By the time I got here, I was too full to eat anymore food. I tried the margarita and a churro. It's not bad. As a token of appreciation, all the guests received a goodie bag. It's nice that we were invited to try out all the food places. We really enjoyed the experience and they did an amazing job with the event!

Hawaii Part 3

April 16, 2018

Unfortunately, we have to leave paradise and get back to reality. Since today is our last stay, we went to Leonard's bakery. This place is a must stop if you are in the area. It is busy with locals and tourists all the time. We ordered some custard dounuts. I like that it came out hot and so fluffy. It is sprinkled with sugar and has custard fillings. It's a pretty good donut and I would recommend coming here. While we sat eating our donuts, we noticed a store next door Kono's. We walked over to see what they have. Apparently they are a highly rated food place to eat in Hawaii. We ordered the Kalua pork plate and it was the best thing to eat! The pork was so tender and full of flavor. They had different dipping sauces that gave it a kick. We really enjoyed our breakfast.

We were walking towards our hotel and there were parrots at the Hilton village. The lady was nice and let us get a close view of the birds. The green and red parrots are beautiful birds! We're glad to see them in the trees free and wild. There is the Mahina fashion store for great finds on cute beach clothing. I wish I had room for more clothes but I didn't. They had a lot of pretty jewelry, purses and dresses. It is a good place to pick up some outfits. I had to stop by Island vintage coffee before we headed out. We ordered the Island latte and an acai bowl. The Island latte is so good and the Macadamia nut flavor is delicious. It made the trip awesome and we were ready to fly home. Until next time Hawaii, thanks for a great time!

Hawaii Part 2

April 15, 2018

Today is part 2 of our Hawaii trip. We needed some coffee so we stopped by Gorilla in the Cafe. It's a cool coffee shop and they have breakfast too. I ordered the honey cinnamon latte, it's so good and perfect with the right amount of sugar. We ordered the original Acai bowl to munch on that's healthy and taste great. Ready to take on the day with new adventures. We headed to a local rental shop and rented a Jeep wrangler. It feels so nice with the hair blown in the wind as we drive.

We drove to down to North Shore area where the waves are high. It's a happening spot for surfers. They have local food trucks and surf shops here. I ordered the garlic shrimp plate. My hubby ordered some tacos and a beef burrito. The garlic shrimp is seasoned well and taste delicious. The tacos and burrito were good with the fresh pineapple salsa. They know how to cook around here. It was nice to look at the beach while we ate lunch outside. My hubby wanted to see some sea turtles so we went over to Laniakea beach close by. This is the spot where sea turtles swim in the water and rest. We were lucky and saw some turtles swimming in the water. It's nice to see the animals in the wild and free.

As we drove back towards our hotel, we came across Green World Coffee Farm. I'm addicted to coffee and of course we had to stop by to check it out. They have a garden where the coffee plants are grown into the soil. Their shop features drinks you can buy at the coffee stand. The inside is a small market full of coffee bags, home decor and accessories. They offer customers free samples of different coffee flavors. I ordered the iced chai latte. It was delicious with a vanilla flavor. I liked it so much that I bought their chai mix. So worth it!

We were wiped out tired from going out all day. I let my hubby take a nap and I went outside to explore. I came across Waikiki Yokocho gourmet alley. It's an underground area that features the best Japanese cuisines. The place was cool and feels like we are in Japan. They had Ramen, curry, hotpot, onigiri, tempura and green teas. I picked up some Onigiri rice balls from Shichimusubi. They feature all kinds of different organic rice balls. I bought the salmon, picked leaf and fried chicken. The fried chicken rice ball is delicious! It is seasoned and cooked perfectly. The picked leaf is good if you like veggies. If you are in Waikiki, Yokocho is a must stop for Japanese food.

Trip to Hawaii Part 1

April 14, 2018

My hubby decided to surprise me with a last minute trip to Hawaii for the weekend. We flew down to Honolulu Hawaii and when we got there it was raining. Apparently there were thunder storms and flash flooding going on. Good thing we came there by night time and checked into our Waikiki Parc Hotel. We liked that the hotel is conveniently located next to all the food and shops. Our first night we stayed in and got some rest.

The next morning, the weather cleared up. Started feeling hungry so we went to the Hilton Village and grab their brunch buffet. The juice is so good and fresh. They had some good food and made to order stations. It was nice to relax and enjoy the view of the beach. We headed to the Dole Plantation after brunch. It is a popular spot to go and explore. Their market was filled with everything pineapple which is awesome! I ordered a pineapple smoothie and it was so good. We took the Plantation garden tour to see acres of their land where everything is grown. It's pretty cool to see them plant so much fruits, trees, nuts and other produce. The place is huge where you need to be on a train to see everything.

In Hawaii, Maui Brewing Co. is the biggest brewery. They have a big selection of beers and I ordered the Pineapple Mana. It taste like fresh pineapples with a clean finish. I liked that it wasn't bitter or too strong. We ordered some nachos and a pizza to enjoy the night. This place was packed and you can sit outside in the patio. We did a lot today and went to bed early.

Afternoon Tea @ Chado Tea Room

March 31, 2018

My girlfriends and I usually plan a tea time on the weekends to catch up. We went to the Chado in Pasadena often. Today, we decided to try the location in Little Tokyo. This place is much bigger and they have patio seating. We ordered the Afternoon tea service which is $19.95 per person. You get a sample of sandwiches, pastries and dessert. Plus you can pick out a tea pot from their selections. We ordered the birthday tea, blueberry tea and the blooming flower jasmine tea. All the teas are so good and smell amazing! It comes in these cute teapots with covers. It's nice to have some quality time with the girls. This is definitely a spot to go with your best friends. I'm awake and ready to take on the day!

Knott's Boysenberry Festival

March 25, 2018

Today is family time at Knott's Berry Farm. My father-in-law wanted to come here to celebrate his birthday. It happens to be Boysenberry festival going on. Basically you buy a boysenberry pass for $30 and you get to try all 8 food stands. I liked the boyesenberry quesadilla, it's different and has a berry taste to the flour. The cheese makes it perfect! It has been a long time since my hubby and I been here. We went to Knott's for our 2nd date which was on his birthday. It brings good memories! Knott's is still a fun theme park and has everything you can do. We all liked hanging out with the animals in the farm. The horses were awesome and so cute! As we walked around, we pretty much hit up every stand for our pass. I do love berries so I liked the sweet flavor. The whole family had a great time and we enjoyed some good food.

Gen Beauty Event by Ipsy

March 24, 2018

Ipsy had their Gen Beauty event this weekend at the LA Convention Center. It is a two day event filled with demos, talks and everything beauty. The place had more than 40 vendors showcasing the latest trends. I was able to attend this time and bought a ticket for $100. You get admission for both days and a swag bag with goodies that is worth $400 or more. I was so excited and couldn't wait to check it out. I picked up my bag at the entrance and started looking around.

There was a lot of brands with their booths at every corner. It is crowded full of people in line. I tried coming early but it still got really packed. I had fun taking pictures for certain brands and received a free product. Basically you can stand in line for your favorite beauty brands and they give out free samples. It is definitely worth it to pay $100 but you get so much beauty products. It is awesome to see all these companies in person and getting to try out the new stuff. I was able to hit up a few booths and got some cool samples. Looking forward to going next year and getting some more goodies!

Solvang Outing

February 24, 2018

We checked into our hotel after we were done with the wine tastings. Took a nap and relaxed. Woke up around 7pm and ready for dinner. My hubby and I drove to Red Barn restaurant. This place is always packed and got high reviews. They give fresh bread and jalapeno corn bread to start off with. The corn bread is moist and has a kick. Ordered the Tuna tartare for appetizer, it's good and refreshing! I liked eating the crispy wontons chips. My hubby and I split a 16oz slow roasted prime rib. When the food came, the prime rib piece was still big. The prime rib is so tender and moist. Putting some horse radish gives it more flavor. The mash potatoes are delicious. The food here is on another level and the chefs know how to cook. Finished the meal with a cinnamon scoop of ice cream. It taste like a churro! We really enjoyed this nice and intimate meal. Red Barn is a must if your in the area.

Unfortunately, we have to drive back home cause it's Monday. Had to stop by Olsen's danish bakery for some breakfast. Their danish is soft and full of fresh fruit jam. It's so delicious and wonderful! I'm glad I don't live near by. My hubby likes to go to Ostrich land to feed his animals. It's cool to see them up close. They are very big and have tall necks. Their kind of cute even though they are crazy. Did everything on our list and set to head home. Until next time!

Santa Ynez Wine Tour

February 24, 2018

The hubby and I took a roadtrip down to Santa Ynez for some wine tasting. The weather was perfectly warm and the sun is out. I yelped some new vineyards for us to try. The first one is Sunstone Vineyard. The vineyard has acres of land and a lot of space. It feels like we're in Sante fe New Mexico. They offer a variety of wines, sell meat & cheese plates and other snacks. The Sauvignon Blanc and the Pinot Noir here is fantastic! The white wines are clean and crisp in taste. The red wines are full of body without an after taste. You can really enjoy the richness of grapes, cherries and pomegranates. We munched on some of the cheese & charcuterie platter from The Lucky Hen. The food is delicious! I love the different type of meats, veggies and fruits mixed in. It's so nice to get away from the city and relax on a sunny day at a vineyard. So peaceful and amazing! We picked up a bottle of their Roasted garlic olive oil. It will go great with chicken and meats.

Our next stop, we went to Vincent Vineyards. This place has high ratings and won a lot of awards. The decor is jazz bar with some hollywood flair. Apparently the owner knows a lot of people in the entertainment industry. He had some memorabilia on the walls of old Vegas hotels. It's like a more sophisticated and manly vineyard. We chose the 2012 Vintage flight tastings. Out of the five wines, I really liked the Cabernet Franc. The red wine had a nice balance of cherry, raspberry and vanilla. It was more lighter than the other reds but didn't have a heavy after taste. This place is not bad, the manager gave us a tour of the vineyard grounds. He was very friendly and such a cool person.

We did two wine stops Sunstone and Vincent Vineyards. Definitely recommend to go to both of them. Each spot has their own theme and specialty.

Chinese New Year celebration

February 16, 2018

It's the year of the Dog for Chinese New Year! I picked up some cute Snoopy red envelopes to hand out. Yes, unfortunately I do not receive them. I have to give them out since I'm married. Went to Chinatown the other day and got a pretty Chinese dress. The material is thin but feels much more comfortable. We usually come over to the family house and celebrate with everyone. My sister and nieces also dressed up for the occasion. Wishing everyone a prosperous and Happy New Year!

The Tsujita appearance on KTLA 5

February 9, 2018

This week is Chinese New Year, at the Americana they have their annual parade on Sunday. The performers for the event were go over their routines and making sure their acts are ready. I work part time @ The Tsujita Artisan Noodle house here. I helped along with my co-workers prep our table to showcase the menu that is served at the restaurant. It was cool to meet the KTLA 5 team and go over the menu dishes. Liberty Chan was hosting the segment along with the event planner. We pulled it off and got featured a few times on the news. It is great exposure for all of us and looking forward to being busy!

Indie Beauty Expo in LA

January 24, 2018

Indie Beauty Expo is an event held in LA featuring hundreds of vendors onsite. The vendors are from all over the world bringing the latest trends in hair, skincare, makeup and nutrition. All the products are made from organic and natural ingredients. It's basically a girls night out to be pampered. They did a great job setting up the place with flowers and all the booths for viewing. It's nice to talk one on one with the beauty experts and learn more about how the products works. I had a great time exploring many different beauty companies. I hope they have this event again soon!

New Year's countdown in Downtown LA

December 31, 2017

This year has gone by quick and it's that time again to ring in a New Year. My hubby and I went down to Grand Central Park in Downtown LA to check out the event. There were thousands of people here and it's cool to see everyone out celebrating. The 2017 year has been crazy, but I'm ready to start the new year of 2018!!!

Christmas trip to Hong Kong,Bangkok & Phuket

December 15-23, 2017

My hubby and I booked a trip to go to Asia this time for Christmas. We got a great deal on Tripmasters for a 10 day trip to Hong Kong, Bangkok and Phuket. Coming to Hong Kong, the weather was cold there. It was definitely winter and you can feel the wind hit you as your walking around. We got to see a 360 degree view of Hong Kong during the day time which was cool. After a lot of walking, we decided to grab some lunch. Of course I had to try out the authentic beef noodles and pork chops with rice dishes here. The food is delicious and very authentic compared to home. I enjoyed the food, but my hubby is not used to that type of taste. We visited the Big Buddha statue on top of the Hill. My hubby made a friend with a cute cow that lives at the Temple. At night, Hong Kong Harbor is where everyone goes to check out the night life. The buildings are all lighted up with colors and designs. It's pretty during the night and comes alive.

Our second stop was Bangkok, Thailand. It's a city that does not sleep. You can find entertainment and street food available all night long. We went on a boat tour which was very interesting and fun. All the vendors sold merchandise and food on these long fishing boats. The thai food here is so delicious and authentic. The food is homemade with plenty of spices and herbs. I couldn't get enough of the food here. If I had time, I would learn how to make food from the locals here. I got to ride an elephant in Thailand which was one of my bucket list checked off. The elephants are friendly and so sweet! It's a must thing to do in Thailand. For our last stop we went to Phuket. It's more of a beach life with the warm and clean water. Phuket is beautiful and I can see why everyone comes here for vacation. Overall, my hubby and I had a great time in Asia. Can't wait for our next adventure!

Los Angeles Auto Show

December 2, 2017

The annual LA Auto Show was held at the Los Angeles Convention center this weekend. My hubby and I like to go check out the new cars being displayed. If you are a car fan, this event is definitely for you. I found a few cars that caught my eye. I like the Audi R8 in all white with red leather interior. It's so nice and fancy. But the price tag is not really in my budget. A girl can dream! My favorite is still the Jeep Wrangler and the Chevy Corvette. The Jeep is great for cruising by the beach. The Chevy Corvette is a beautiful sports car! It's quick in speed and the price is affordable. It's so clean and awesome. They had some great cars this year and can't wait to check it out next year.

Christmas Tree Lighting @ The Americana

November 16, 2017

The Americana held their annual Christmas Tree Lighting tonight. They had special performances, music, dancing and snow coming out. The place was so busy and packed with people. The Americana looks so pretty with all the lights and decorations. Once they light the tree, they also throw fireworks on top of Barnes & Noble. It's fun to see the event!

Manhattan Beach Tree Lighting Festival

November 15, 2017

Manhattan Beach has their annual Tree Lighting Festival tonight. It's a great time where all the shops and restaurants are open late to celebrate. All the locals and people drive down to check out the event. It's fun for everyone! They had cute reindeers out to pet and feed. I like visiting my favorite floral shop here Rolling Hills Flower Mart. The flowers are always fresh and so pretty. They beautiful floral arrangements. For tonight, they gave a free flower for each person. It's awesome to smell fresh flowers and feel loved. All the shops had music, drinks and discounts on products. People around here know how to party. Started getting hungry, so we stopped by our favorite Japanese restaurant Rice. It's a small place and feels so cozy. They make organic and fresh sushi along with other dishes. The sashimi platter is the best thing here! The fish was so fresh and melts in your mouth. It was a great ending to a fun night.

Outing @ Platform Culver City

November 12, 2017

Platform is a shopping center located in Culver City. The shops here are unique and designed with artistic influences. You can get a floral arrangement from Juniper & Lily. We stopped in to our favorite Blue Bottle coffee shop. They are based out from San Francisco but recently opened up a few locations in LA. I ordered the usual Cafe Latte. It's perfect and the coffee taste so good I don't need sugar. We walked in to Tom Dixon a furniture store. This place has a lot of cool and hip art deco looking pieces. They have lights, tables, couches, decor and lounge chairs. I love their design and would pick up every piece if I could in one shop! The Platform has many shops that cater to all kinds of unique handmade products. It's a perfect spot to pick up a gift for him or her. I really like this shopping center and will definitely be coming back.

Los Angeles Comic Con 2017 Expo

October 28, 2017

Stan Lee held the annual Comic Con this year at the LA convention center. The event brings thousands of fans and comic book enthusiasts out for an all week event. It's cool to see all the people behind the scenes who creates and sells these famous comic books. It gives the fans a way to connect to their favorite titles and buy collectible items at the booths. This time the event was right around Halloween so it gives everyone a reason to dress up in costume. When you get the chance, it's a must to go check out. Until next year!

Big Bear Road Trip

October 21, 2107

My hubby decided to take me on a road trip and drive up to Big Bear Mountains. As we drove up, we saw so many cars and people. Apparently Octoberfest is happening in Lake Arrowhead. Luckily we found parking and went to check it out. The beer brats hot dog and a pretzel is a must when your at Octoberfest. It was cool to see the people dress up and have a fun time. The weather is so much cooler in the mountain. It feels more like fall here. Today is a beautiful day out by the lake. My hubby got to feed his ducks by the sand.

The Santa's Village is opened again after a long time of being closed. I convinced my hubby to stop by. It's a cute little village full of food and activities for the family to enjoy. I love Christmas and the cabins are awesome! Afterwards we checked in to our hotel in Big Bear. At night, we did the haunted hayride on a big farm. It was spooky cause it's so dark outside. We had a lot of fun being scared and hanged out with new people in the area. I can't wait to come back when the snow arrives.

Glen Oaks Apple Country

September 28, 2017

Every year during the fall around October, my hubby takes me to apple country in Glen Oaks. It takes us an hour and a half to get there from Glendale. They have a few apple farms throughout this area and each place has plenty of goodies. We like coming here and walking around in nature. It is peaceful and so relaxing here. We stopped by Riley's farm first. In front we were greeted by some cute fluffy sheeps. They have a tour of their grounds and the kids were on a field trip. The people are dressed up in colonial outfits. They have a sit down bakery and shop to grab some sweets. Next we always stop by Los Rios Rancho. Los Rios is a bigger market place and they have a bbq cafe inside. We come here for lunch to get the tri tip sandwiches. You can do a hike on their trails outside. Then come back to pick up some Apple Cider, pies and candies. I love everything fall! This is a great place to go when you want to relax.

LA County Fair with the family

September 17, 2017

My sister bought us all tickets for LA County Fair. We all went down to go have some fun today. The line just to get the car in was so crazy. There were lots of people coming to the fair. It's a good day to have a family outing and get fresh air. I liked how they have different rooms and themes. The garden hall was so pretty filled with flowers everywhere. They did a good job decorating. I really liked going into the butterfly booth and feeding them. It was interesting seeing theme fly and drink nectar off of our hands. Their wings are big and so beautiful. They are peaceful insects. There were lots of cool animals to see through out the park. The parrots were talking to the crowds, ostriches running around. Stanley the giraffe is famous for being in movies. My hubby likes the turtles. The porcupine is so cute sleeping on a tree limb. I want to hug it but of course their quills would make it not so comfy. The baby goats and piglets are so cute! I wanted to take them home cause they are so adorable. We did a lot of walking and made it to most of the booths. The family had a great time just relaxing and seeing the animals.

Weekend Road trip to Santa Ynez/Solvang

September 9, 2017

My hubby and I decided to take Pops out for the weekend to Santa Ynez and Solvang. The weather was nice outside and we were up for some wine tasting. We went to Gainey Vineyards first since Pops has a wine membership there. The wine tasting room is inside with all the wine barrels with samples of olive oils, spreads and salsa. It's a cool spot to drink some wine and chill. They have really good white and red wines. We loved the Gainey 2013 Riesling, it has notes of orange blossoms. The wine taste smells amazing and tastes really light. It's a new favorite white wine for me. The next stop is Blackjack Vineyards. Pops really likes this vineyard. They specialize in red wines with more of a smokey tobacco flavor. I'm not a big fan of the bitter smokey taste. My hubby and pops enjoyed the wine. It's in a small saloon like place.

Our last wine tour ended up at Carhartt Vineyard. This place is cool cause it's like a backyard bbq with close friends. It's a small knit vineyards and you do wine tasting in their backyard. The 2016 Sauvignon Blanc and 2015 Estate Syrah is my favorite wines. The Sauvignon Blanc is a nice white wine and smooth. The Estate Syrah is a good red wine with dark cherry and plum flavors. It is great on it's own or drink with food. Out of the 3 vineyards, my favorite is Carhartt. I like the wines and the atmosphere.

After a nice day out wine tasting, we went to check in to our hotel. The hotel is right in the Solvang dutch town with all the food and shopping. We had to stop by Olsen's danish bakery and get their freshly made danish. The best danish is in Solvang! These bakeries know how to make the danish so light and tastes good with fresh fruit jam. Good thing Solvang is far enough that I can't get this every day. On our last day to leave, we got breakfast at Paula's Pancake House. This place got really good reviews and always packed. I ordered the 2 eggs, 2 bacon and a danish pancake. The breakfast is so delicious and hits the spot in the morning. After the breakfast it was time to go home and relax. See you next time Solvang!

Mammoth Lakes Road Trip

August 19, 2017

The hubby and I decided to go on a road trip this weekend. We headed down to Mammoth Lakes which took us around 5 hours drive. We went to Schat's bakery for some lunch. This baker is big in the area and they have everything from bread to pastries. It's a spot to grab a bite to eat. We drove down towards one of the lakes to do some fishing. It's so beautiful and peaceful out here. We really enjoyed spending time just relaxing by the lake and fish. My hubby got lucky and caught a fish! He kissed the fish and threw it back. We definitely need to come back for more peace and quiet time. It's the best place to fish according to one of the neighbors.

After a long day of fishing, we headed towards the Village. We went to Campo an Italian restaurant for dinner. This place was packed and we waited around 45 mins for a table. We ordered the tomato basil soup, bee sting pizza and gemelli pasta. The gemelli pasta was the best dish there! It was just perfect with the meat, cheese and sauce. We would come back here again for great italian food. The Village had a wine tasting night featuring more than 20 wine vineyards. It was a great deal and we went to hang out for our last night. They gave us a wine glass and cheese plate. The event was awesome and we got to try a lot of great wines. So sad to leave and go home the next day. I really liked coming down to Mammoth lakes to just unwind. The lakes are beautiful and the weather was perfect. We will be back soon for more good times.

Blackhat Event in Las Vegas

July 25, 2017

Every year Black Hat is held in Las Vegas. It is one of the biggest tech event where everyone comes together and talk about all things in the tech industry. My hubby brought me along since it's a paid event by his work. We stayed at the Bellagio Hotel. When we come down, we always hit our favorite Italian restaurant Ferraro's off the strip. The place is old school italian style with the best wine selection and food. They import everything from Italy. They have great specials like a 4-course meal for $45 a person. Everything I ate was delicious. You can't go wrong at this restaurant. After dinner, we headed back to our hotel. We like to go towards the Bellagio garden area to see how they decorated the place. This month's theme is Italian Villa in the summer. I like to see all the fresh beautiful flowers.

While my hubby was busy at his meetings, I decided to go checkout the strip. The weather wasn't that bad this time. It was hot but not as bad as last year around the month of July. I walked to Paris Hotel and Caesars Palace. It's a lot of walking even though it seems so close. I manage to do 1800 steps on my fitness app. My hubby got the chance to race an Audi R8 on the track with some co-workers. Then we got access to the Shark Reef Aquarium in the Mandalay Bay Hotel. They provided snacks and drinks while looking at all the animals. For our last night here, my hubby got us invited to a party. It was held on the 64th floor at Skyfall Lounge in Delano. You get a panoramic view of the whole las vegas strip which is so cool! It's a nice place to grab drinks and chill. Overall, our trip was good. See you Vegas in another year.

My Hubby's Birthday Celebration

July 21, 2017

Today is my hubby's birthday, so I planned a special dinner with entertainment. I've been going on yelp to look for a new bakery to try. I came across La Tropezienne French Bakery in Melrose area. This bakery is very nice inside and had a wall full of roses which calls out for Instagram. They are known for their Tropezienne pastries which are raspberry custard filled shortbread with powdered sugar. I picked one up and a chocolate mousse cake. I wanted to sing "Happy Birthday" to my hubby in the morning. He was definitely surprised and usually I can't hide things from him. I made reservations for us at The Ponte in LA. This restaurant got good reviews and the ambience is like a secret garden. It's what makes LA so great with their hip and trendy restaurants. We ordered the scallop salad, bolognese pasta, and the fish. The scallop salad is my favorite dish here, it was light and refreshing. Then my hubby got a birthday dessert which he really enjoyed.

For our last stop, I surprised him with tickets to the Black Rabbit Rose. His eyes were opened wide and thrilled! I knew he likes to see magic shows and brought him here tonight. It's in Hollywood and the inside looks like the 1920's flair. The show was amazing and all the performers did a wonderful job. It's a great place to have date night. Overall, I think my hubby really enjoyed his birthday and felt relaxed.

Agenda Festival

July 15, 2017

My hubby and I went to checkout the Agenda Festival at the Long Beach Convention. The festival had 150+ vendors selling everything from skate gear to house decor. Music by well known artists playing every hour. Food booths and trucks outside. The festival is fun and there where a lot of people. We got 2 hats designed by vendors for free which is great! It's good to see small and big vendors trying to market their goods. Buying from local vendors is awesome. We finally got to see Lil Dicky and Ludacris perform on the stage. They both put on a great performance playing their greatest hits. I hope they continue to put this festival together every year. It brings everyone together and have a good time.

July 4th Americafest!

July 4, 2017

Today is when everyone shows their love for America. It's 4th of July. I met my husband for the first time on this day seven years ago at a bbq party. My hubby is my firework! We started the day off by grabbing lunch @ Sopressata at Black Hogg in Silverlake. We had some green tea, chips and a spam musubi while waiting for our sandwiches. I ordered the Sopressata and my hubby ordered the Italian meats. Their sandwiches are amazing! The meats, veggies and bread is so fresh. It's our new favorite sandwich spot. I highly recommend coming here if you want a great Italian sandwich. Next, we stopped by M street Kitchen for a sweet snack. They make a really good cookie that tastes like a pie! I tried a dirty chai and the smores cookie. Not bad for a little afternoon snack. They have a good brunch here as well. We headed out to the Rose bowl for the fireworks event Americafest. The place was packed full of people waiting to catch the fireworks show at night. The Rose Bowl fireworks show is long and well worth the wait. They know how to bring the crowds together. This year was nice to relax and enjoy the festivities.

Chinatown Summer Nights

July 1, 2017

During the summer, Chinatown has their Summer Nights events in LA. The event is free to the public. It brings a lot of people together. It's fun cause you can purchase these confetti fireworks and feel like a kid again. They have everything from vendors, food, cook shows, music and art galleries. It's nice to go out at night outdoors and relax. Plus, we live so close by. Chinatown is really becoming the next Arts district. Some of the buildings are being remodeled and changed. It's so different from when I used to come here with the family back in the days. I hope that people come out and support the local vendors. They have really good food out there! I recommend go there for your fix on asian cuisine.

Franklin Canyon

June 25, 2017

My hubby decided to drive around Los Angeles and check out some furniture stores. While driving on a small road cause of Waze, we saw a car show sign. My hubby drove down to where the held a car show with vintage cars. We ended up finding a hidden lake which is Franklin Canyon. It's a beautiful quiet hidden spot where people go hiking. There's a lot of pockets in Los Angeles. We thought we've been to most of the hot spots in LA but we always find new places. It's fun to explore and see what's out there. It's a great place to have a picnic and enjoy nature.

Huntington Beach Chili Cook-Off

June 17, 2017

It's the annual Huntington Beach Chili cook-off event. My hubby and I like going to this event every year. The tickets are $15 per person which includes unlimited samples of chili and chips with salsa. All the restaurants in the area come to showcase their food to the public. I love chili when it has good meat with a kick of spicy flavor. The best chili that I tasted was from the Cruiser Pizza joint. They made chili with beef, bacon, sour cream and cheese. It was seasoned well and anything with bacon sounds good. The best salsa and chips was from the Art gallery and bar. It's a red salsa made with spicy peppers. It hits the spot cause I love spicy food. After we we're full from trying all the samples, we headed towards the shopping area. As we walked down the street, we saw an awesome Bronco car parked. It was totally cool and in good condition. It's nice to see vintage cars in working shape. We went in to Hurley store cause it's our favorite beach wear place. They have a lot of cute summer clothes. My favorite pieces are these vintage looking rompers and straw hats. It gives it a casual beach look without a lot of effort. It was hot outside so I went to look for something cold. I stopped by Hans homemade ice cream store in the food court. I bought a small cup with powdered sugar donut and bordeaux cherry flavors. Their ice cream is delicious! My favorite is the bordeaux cherry. They know how to make a creamy good ice cream. I will definitely come back for more. Today was a great day hanging out by the beach enjoying the nice breeze!

Temecula Wine Tasting

June 3, 2017

My hubby decided to take me down to Temecula and get some wine tasting. Whenever we go down there, I have to stop by my favorite Incr-Edible Cupcakes dessert place. They were featured on Cupcake Wars on the Food Network and won. I've been to many cupcake bakeries and hands down this place is the best! Their cupcake is soft and very moist. It's like having a cake and pie together. I chose the blueberry coconut cupcake. It was so delicious! I only buy one cupcake so I don't go overboard and get everything. After we went to Chapin Vineyards. My hubby loves this place cause they have good cheese spread and red wines. The fields were green full of grapes being grown for wine making in the fall. It's so beautiful to see them in person. We each got a 5 wine tasting flight. The best one out of the five is the syrah. It was really smooth and smells so divine. I found a cute heart leaf bangle at their gift stand and picked it up. There's a lady who makes cute jewelry and sells them at the vineyards. Sometimes it's great to just drive away for the day and relax at the vineyards. I love the country fields and being in nature.

Topanga Canyon Fair/Malibu Beach

May 27, 2017

Topanga held their Topanga Canyon Fair this weekend so the hubby and I went to check it out. This place is close to my hubby work in Woodland Hills. You have to drive up the hills into nature and trees which is nice. We parked our car at this lady's home with acres of land. At least it was close walking distance to the event. The fair was totally awesome! It's a fair with hippie people and cool vendors selling stuff. The bands were the local people who live in the area and they know how to rock it. I tried out homemade rootbeer with cream and the money went to support boy scouts. It was delicious! Reminds me of when I was in elementary school getting root beer floats on a hot day. I tried spring rolls and dumplings at the vegan joint which was good. The spinach and cheese pizza at Rock & Roll pizza was not bad. After we ate lunch, we walked around to browse the vendors selling unique items. I got a bunch of cool clothes for a great deal! We sat down to listen to music. I went to grab a beer from Barley Forge Brewing Co. and bought a NOM NOM Hefeweizen. It was the most delicious beer I've ever tasted! It's a hefeweizen with mango flavor perfect drink while chilling on the grass listening to music. I like topanga canyon and the fair was totally chill.

(Malibu Beach)

After the Topanga Canyon fair, we drove down to Malibu beach since it's so close by. We stopped by Malibu fishing pier area. Walking on the pier felt so nice and refreshing. Today was a beautiful day to enjoy some time by the beach. There's a restaurant on the pier which is Malibu Farm. It's all organic farm to table kind of food. I had a iced green tea and the chicken with broccoli quesadilla. It was really good and fresh. Plus, healthy since it was the perfect portion. This area is a nice place to stop by and grab lunch enjoying the beach view!

The Art Room

May 26, 2017

While browsing through groupon, I found a great deal for paint & wine night. I purchased a Groupon deal for 2 people to paint and sip for the Art Room in Atwater Village. I booked a paint session tonight. Brought the hubby to hangout trying something new. There were a bunch of people who booked the session too. We met some really nice and cool people. The paint night is a picture of a pop art Elephant. It's been so long since the last time I remembered painting anything. Everything was provided like the canvas, paint and apron. They also provide snacks and we can byob. It's a good way to relax and unwind after a long week on a friday night. The instructor went step by step teaching us how to paint with every color. It's really fun and I find it very therapeutic. Good to let go of all the stress and focus on doing something fun. At the end, our paintings came out pretty good. It's our first time so I was surprised how well it came out. I would recommend to try this paint night!

Unique LA Market

May 13, 2017

The California Market Center in downtown LA held their Unique LA Market for the week. It's where all the local vendors in LA sell their goods at the booths. There is a variety of things to purchase from food, art, jewelry, clothing and decor. Some of the sponsors gave away freebies like Califia Farms drinks, Quaker oats with mason jars and Kombucha tea samples. Kohk & Sahk had amazing fresh beef jerky. We bought a bunch of stuff from them. The plantains were awesome. We finished the bag in one day. I picked up a few pieces of dainty jewelry which fits my wrist. Bought some organic scrubs and lotions which feels good on the skin. The hubby purchased these cute candles in mason jars that smells like campfire. I found this lady who makes cute wristlets from Bowkey Works. It's easy to carry a few things and run outside. After we bought some great finds at the market, we decided to walk to Grand Central market. They have a lot of food vendors who sell good food. I had to make a pit stop at my fave place La Tosta Deria stand. They make the best ceviche I've ever had. It's so fresh and good with their special sauces. I always get the sample platter cause you get to try 6 different items from the menu. The octopus taco and fish ceviche is the best. It's very tender and refreshing. Grand Central market is a good place to try different kinds of cuisines. Today was a great day hanging out in LA!

Laguna Beach

April 22, 2017

The hubby took me out to the beach for my birthday weekend. He drove us to Laguna beach to hangout and relax. My hubby used to live in Dana Point which is nearby. For some reason, we always have food at a French style restaurant. It's like we never left Paris! C'est La Vie has a great table with the view of the beach. We ordered the french onion soup and the bruschetta appetizer. It was good and refreshing. After we finished lunch, we walked around the area to check out the local shops. Then dipped our feet in the water which felt nice on a hot day. Laguna beach is a very nice place to grab lunch and people watch.

Early Birthday trip to St.Lucia

April 19, 2017

This year for my birthday, the hubby surprised me with a trip to St. Lucia. We both never been there before so we headed down there for a few days. The carribean island is very beautiful with the jungle like atmosphere and tropical beaches. The Ladera Hotel we stayed at was on top of a mountain with views of trees and the beach. This place is very quiet and relaxing perfect for some time to relax. A lot of people come here for honeymoon or just some private time alone. We were served complimentary breakfast of fruits and granola. The fruits were so good and sweet. The plantains is my favorite fruit here. It's a nice way to start off the day with a light breakfast and checkout their views. In the afternoon we had the taxi driver take us to a local place @Campari to grab a bite to eat. He brought us to this local restaurant that served piton beer and the best chicken we ever had! The cook knows how to marinade and bbq chicken with this onions sauce. It was a great choice to chill at. Afterwards we went to the pier by the beach and got to see the sunset which was amazing.

The next day we went to Soufriere and grabbed lunch at Petit Peak Restaurant. We ordered the salted Accra fish, so good. Anything fried is always good. The waitress recommended that we get their house special Yard Bird Plate. This is their specialty and it was delicious. It came with rice, yams, veggie slaw, mac & cheese pie, lentils and bbq chicken. The food is definitely awesome. While eating you can checkout boats coming in to the dock which is nice.

After lunch, we rented a boat tour to visit the other places of the island. We got to try a handmade mud bath near the volcanos. It was funny to see everyone covered in mud and having a good time. We stopped by the waterfall and took a dip into the cold fresh water. The boat tour is worth it and we did so many things in one day. As we headed back to the hotel the staff recommended going to Boucan for their chocolate dinner. That's right chocolate inspired food menu. We can't say no to chocolate! The restaurant has amazing views at night and made it really romantic. Everything that we ordered was delicious! It is made from real cocoa chocolate and very different from other restaurants. The next day was our time to leave, as we checked out the staff gave us a goodie bag as a farewell. St.Lucia is definitely a place you can relax and enjoy nature at it's best.

Cage the Elephant Concert

April 8, 2017

The Observatory Orange County held a 'We were young festival' featuring many artists. It's basically a smaller version of coachella and we don't have to drive so far. The event is so packed that there was not much room to move around. One of our fave band Cage the Elephant had a set time. So we I took my hubby to go see them and chill. Grabbed a beer before the show started. Cage the Elephant really rocked it hard! They are amazing to see live full of energy. The tickets are worth seeing my fave band live in person. It's a good event to go listen to live music and hang out with the crowd outside.

Solvang Trip

February 12, 2017

My hubby decided to book a room and head down to Solvang area for the weekend. On our way, we stopped by to have a wine tasting at Foxen Vineyards. They have really good white and red wines. It was nice to relax and enjoy a glass of wine today. Not a bad way to start a good day. The next stop we headed into the Dutch town of Solvang. It feels like you're in Europe without flying thousands of miles. And it's close by which took around 2 hours to drive. We went in to Olsen's Danish Village Bakery to get some tea and pasteries. The apricot danish was heaven on earth! It's the best danish I've ever had. The crust was flaky and the jam is freshly made. It's dangerous that the place is close by. I might be doing a couple of pit stops here a year. My hubby saw a sign for Ostrich Land which is odd to see out here. It's in the middle of no where. You pay $5 admission and $2 for food to feed the animals. It's a mini petting zoo. You can feed ostriches and emus. They get to roam around the fields in a gated facility. The emus are smaller than the ostrich. The ostriches are tall and cute with feathers. They got big eyes and a strong beak. It was a fun filled weekend!